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The Gathering is an independent non-affiliated community of believers with Lutheran roots.
The Gathering does not seek to support a particular cause or social agenda other than the preaching and teaching of Jesus Christ; nor does it seek to condemn a particular cause or social agenda other than the empty promises of the Evil One.
The Gathering exists as a training ground for Discipleship where followers of Christ are nurtured, guided, strengthened, encouraged, and challenged to grow and develop into the disciples God wants them to be.
The Gathering is a mission driven (we gather to scatter); transformation focused (we seek open hearts and open minds); Spirit motivated (we are empowered by prayer and guided by discernment); discipleship oriented (we stress the call of the baptized Christian as a never ending learning process).
The Gathering believes that the Christian life is a free-willed loving and gracious response to a loving and gracious God:
  • who makes himself available to us as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit;
  • who through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, gives us power over sin, death, and the devil;
  • who gives us His living Word in the Bible as the final authority in matters of life and faith.
The Gathering longs for all those who confess Jesus Christ as their Crucified Lord to be empowered as ministers of the Good News in all aspects of their daily life.

What can you do?

In order for The Gathering to become a unique place for personal growth:
  • it longs for your prayerful and ongoing spiritual support
  • it longs for your desire to study and learn from God’s Word
  • it longs for your willingness to fellowship with other believers
  • it longs for your worshipful participation on a regular basis.
The Gathering therefore commits itself to providing ample opportunities for prayer, Bible Study, worship, and fellowship.
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