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The Planning Teams
The Gathering Team

Worship: The team members have a love and appreciation for the purpose and pleasure of gathering together in whatever shape and form God desires.

Team Leader: Cheryl Dawson (630) 361-5904
The Scattering Team

Outeach events and mission opportunities: The team members have a sincere desire to see God's good news going out into the local, national and international communities.

Team Leader: Cher Abate (708-269-4966)
The Support Team

Financial Accountability: The team members have good business sense (practical) and a strong inner faith commitment (spiritual).

Team Leader: Howie Kueker (630) 253-1169
The Training Team

Educational and discipleship opportunities: The members are interested in furthering the teachings of Jesus in the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life and all age groups.

Team Leader: Ray Bebee (630) 293-3396
The Intergenerational Team

Inter and Generational events: The members truly understand the importance of individual and cross generational activities.

Team Leader: Sue Losacco (630) 562-2378
The Prayer Team

Prayerful opportunities. The members are able to fully comprehend the magnitude and power of prayer.

Team Leader: Linda Wellhausen (630-868-3811)
The Spiritual Formation Team

Guiding and encouraging the Spiritual Formation of The Gathering: the people, the pastor(s), the team members, the leaders, etc. The members are willing to challenge themselves and others to be humbly honest about their spiritual progress and identity.

Team Leader: Victoria Kueker (630) 605-1169
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