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Being a witness is “living out” one’s call to be a disciple of Jesus in everything you say and do.  The Gathering is committed to being a witnessing community!

Charmaine R. gives her testimony at a
Sunday morning Gathering. The 5th Sunday of a month is set aside as "Witness Sunday"
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As disciples of Christ we are called to be daily witnesses for the one we call our Crucified Lord.
We are called to be witnesses for our Lord and Savior every minute of every day in all that we say and do.  This takes a certain type of strength, courage, and wisdom that can only come from our Heavenly Father.   Witnessing is not something we do on our own, but something God does through us: anyone can stand with their arms folded, but not everyone can move about with their arms extended in a Cross like manner without Divine assistance; anyone can be a self-seeking jerk, but not everyone can be a self-sacrificing witness for Jesus Christ without Godly help.
Currently, The Gathering is seeking a Witness Planner who will monitor the Witnessing Moments of the People on The Gathering’s Website.
Witnesses Shared By The Gathering Community:

Jean C.


Linda W.


Susan L.


Ted G.


Mike K.


Rev. Nicole C. 2015


Howie K.


Chuck & Michael S.


Quinn R.


Charmaine R.

I was the first child born to Richard & Kathy Smith. I had an amazing childhood with great parents, and a loving sister. My parents gave me the foundation that I am so blessed to have. I learned to love, and that material things didn't matter because you can’t bring them with you in the end. I started going to Lutheran Church of the Master in 1975. The first church service I attended was Easter Sunrise service. On May 22, 1977, I was baptized with my sister Charisse at LCM. I attended Sunday school and VBS. I learned the bible stories, songs, Christmas programs and plays. You could say I was very involved growing up in the Church…Well I really had no choice since my parents believed that we needed to go to church as a family, so we would attend church service and then Sunday school. LCM was a small church family when we started, so my parents always stuck around as did other members, folding chairs, vacuuming, cleaning etc. It was a small, close-group church family. I am very lucky to have the foundation my parents gave me. When my sister and I were baptized...

Read Charmaine's full witness


Ellie B.

Like most of you, I went to church because I got taken to church. Through the years it became a habit or a ritual. You know the drill: baptism, Sunday school, vacation bible school, confirmation, etc., etc. etc. Going to church became routine, a habit, a tradition. You just go because that’s what you do on Sunday morning. I also helped in the kitchen with my mom getting the fellowship hall ready for our dinners. Yes. That was my serving stint. Serving in the kitchen (set up and clean up mostly).

Well, one day, when I was somewhere in my 30’s, I was sitting in church with my mom at Hope Lutheran in Park Forest IL. We go to the late service while my dad goes to the early one. That particular day when I was watching the pastor holding up the bread as he blessed it, something happened. Things I heard through the years about Christ and what he’s done for us started to come together for me. It was like connecting the dots or putting the pieces of the wafer puzzle together. Things started to fall into place. I just sat there with tears in my eyes trying to figure out what made this time different than all the other times I’ve come to church.

Read Ellie's full witness


Kathy K.

I want to tell you about my best friend. His name is Jesus Christ.

I was born in New Jersey and moved to Wheaton at the age of 7. My mother was bipolar and most of the time mad and angry. She destroyed all the unity in our house. My parents fought all the time. My dad was a great person but my mother picked him apart all the time as she did all of us. I spent many a day in my room crying and wondering why my mom didn’t love me. I was raised a Catholic, but when I was 13 I went across the street to Mrs. Abuhle’s house who was a born again Christian to talk to her about the problems that I had. She asked me if I knew Jesus. I said no, just at church was all that I knew. She then asked me if I would like to have Jesus as my savior and lord of my life. I started going to the Evangelical Free Church in Wheaton with them.

Read Kathy's full witness


Nicole C.

I am a second career person who came to the church through a conversion experience in the late summer of 2003. I grew up in a family of artists and writers and was a practicing artist for over 20 years. Call it Epiphany or a complete transformation, but God spoke to me that late summer of 2003 that he had a new path for my life to renew and journey forward into. From that fateful Sunday morning on, I grew and embarked on experiencing many new ministry adventures which culminated through the Diakonia Program to lead me to start seminary in 2008. God has truly transformed me to utilizing all of the gifts he has given me into ministry. My creativity has been growing with a great new altruistic purpose, nothing that I could have ever realized through my art career. As I’ve often told people how this journey has moved forward is that through ministry my spiritual self has moved from being an immovable stone to a fully alive, active New creation through Christ. My spiritual self would be realized through his Prevenient Grace, as...

Read Nicole's full witness


Stefanie R.

I was raised in a very reformed (the least strict) Jewish home. I only attended Sunday School until I was in third grade. That was the extent of my religious teaching until I left for college and tried to learn more about Judaism and find faith in the Lord. I did not have much success.

Years later, when my children were born, my husband and I discussed their religious upbringing. I said that I wanted them to know the Lord, and know his Love as early as possible, so they would not struggle with faith later in life. He was not raised in a religious family, but believed in Jesus and wanted our children Baptized. Deep in my heart, I knew this was the right thing to do, so we looked for a Church home and had both kids Baptized.

Read Stefanie's full witness and listen to the song she wrote...


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