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Nicole C.

I am a second career person who came to the church through a conversion experience in the late summer of 2003. I grew up in a family of artists and writers and was a practicing artist for over 20 years. Call it Epiphany or a complete transformation, but God spoke to me that late summer of 2003 that he had a new path for my life to renew and journey forward into. From that fateful Sunday morning on, I grew and embarked on experiencing many new ministry adventures which culminated through the Diakonia Program to lead me to start seminary in 2008. God has truly transformed me to utilizing all of the gifts he has given me into ministry. My creativity has been growing with a great new altruistic purpose, nothing that I could have ever realized through my art career. As I’ve often told people how this journey has moved forward is that through ministry my spiritual self has moved from being an immovable stone to a fully alive, active New creation through Christ. My spiritual self would be realized through his Prevenient Grace, as now a voice.

As well as through Him, I am a witness and have a witness to share pastorally in guiding others to become fully alive disciples of Christ. The Church of Christ needs to enliven people to realize their full potential as Children of God to love God and neighbor incorporating the whole self with great intentionality and motivation. Just like the parable of the fig tree, we need to nurture and guide our flock to bear fruit. Growing into being, living a Gospel-centered life as a freely responsible servant of Christ needs the journey to be nurtured by pastoral leaders who authentically encourage one’s faith journey to grow in all facets of the individual’s life.
My calling to serve God’s people, the gifts God has helped me to realize in studying to serve the church have been worship, preaching and teaching. Currently at ‘The Gathering for Christ,’ I have been actively writing and leading worship. Being a creative person, I see great potential for regenerating the liturgy to harboring true Koinonia/fellowship once again as well as building a solid spiritual foundation of faith and conviction for each and everyone who comes to gather as the Body. God has given me a great passion to preach His Gospel not only heightening His Costly Grace but to speak prophetically about our need, calling from God to respond graciously to His will. We are in complex times, where the church’s voice needs to be prophetically heard to genuinely build new more motivated disciples to carry on the process. I am on fire for Christ, I have a great passion that I am building, shaping and growing experientially to best serve God’s Will and His people.
Nicole Aimiee Macaluso Collins

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