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Stefanie R.

I was raised in a very reformed (the least strict) Jewish home. I only attended Sunday School until I was in third grade. That was the extent of my religious teaching until I left for college and tried to learn more about Judaism and find faith in the Lord. I did not have much success.

Years later, when my children were born, my husband and I discussed their religious upbringing. I said that I wanted them to know the Lord, and know his Love as early as possible, so they would not struggle with faith later in life. He was not raised in a religious family, but believed in Jesus and wanted our children Baptized. Deep in my heart, I knew this was the right thing to do, so we looked for a Church home and had both kids Baptized.

We took the kids to Church weekly, and I respectfully said all the prayers, praying to the Father, but leaving off "in your Son's Name" or "in Jesus name" as I was not a believer. But I listened...and I learned...and I opened my heart to the Word of the Lord until one day, I realized that when I said a prayer I pictured Jesus sitting at the Right Hand of the Father. My heart was filled with joy! I met with our Pastor and discussed being Baptized, which was performed on my 31st birthday, as it fell on a Sunday.
Every year since, I have felt my Faith grow. I have learned to pray, in my own way, and learned that I do not need to know Bible verses word for word for the Lord to hear my prayers. My journey has grown so immensely in the past few years, that I am often overwhelmed by just how much Love Jesus has for me! I pray very simple prayers (but very often), like the prayer of Jabez. I don't know the actual words, but I ask that the Lord expand my territory. I also pray that I will allow my heart and my eyes to remain open to the Lord. I have to keep an open mind, and open heart and wait to see what new, exciting opportunity He will put in front of me. The Lord never fails, though. I see that now. If my prayer wasn't answered, it is because I wasn't paying attention. I have gone weeks, and months, and the Lord has answered me with a new opportunity - some small - some large - but always a new opportunity, every day that I prayed to hear what he had to tell me. And on a bad day (or week, or month), when I close myself off to him, there is nothing...and I forget how wonderful the Love is. Even when I'm surrounded by friends and family, there is a feeling of loneliness and sadness if I am not letting the Lord into my heart.
The Lord has Blessed me so many times, and His greatest gift is that of music. I have to share the message with you today, that the Lord shared with me. In 2004, a song popped into my head. At first I had a melody with a few words, and thought maybe it was something I had heard on K-Love. But it wasn't. And each day I would hear it, with this gnawing feeling that as words came with it, I was supposed to write them down. It seemed ridiculous, so I ignored it. It became louder and tugged at my body to get out of bed, or out of the shower, or stop whatever I was doing AND WRITE IT DOWN. So I started to write out the words and the melody line (and even a violin part). There were a few gaps. Finally, there were just a few missing lyrics, but I couldn't figure it out. I asked the Lord to help me finish (since he insisted I start, when I didn't even want to). Of course, I just had to pay attention! The last lyrics were found right where one would expect them, in Pastor Dawson's Sunday morning sermon - and he said what I needed to hear over and over that morning to make sure I didn't miss it. The Lord practically beat me over the head with a brick to get me to write this song - but I did it, and it is to praise and worship Him.
This song is my life journey:
Words: Stefanie Rembiszewski Music: Greg & Stefanie Rembiszewski
As a child I went through days without a clue, as to the meaning and the pur-pose of my life,
I took for granted everything I had, and I never saw beyond what was mine
Then You touched my heart, and opened my eyes, To the beauty and the pa-ssion of Your Works
I don’t know why it took so long to realize, That you are what I needed in my life
Oh, Jesus, I’m devoted to you, I’m devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ
Oh, Jesus, I’m devoted to you, I have found who you are in my life
I’m Devoted, Devoted to You, I’m De-voted to the Lord Jesus Christ
I’m Devoted, Devoted to You, for You’ve brought meaning and love to my life.
Oh, Jesus (With Music), I’m devoted to you (In Word), I’m de-voted to the Lord Jesus Christ (Thru ev’ry thing that I do)
Oh, Jesus (With Music), I’m de-voted to you (In Word), I have found who you are in my life (With faith in all that I do)
Violin Interlude
(Verse 2)
When I wake every morning I thank you, when I close my eyes at night the same.
My life is falling in to place now, as I follow a path through Your name.
I will not let doubt & unbelief, take over my daily routine.
My Faith will not waiver, for I know You’re my Savior, oh Christ, My Lord, My King
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